What Is It?

The venous return system is a network of veins which carry the de-oxygenated blood back from the tissues to the heart and lungs for re-oxygenation. The venous system is working against gravity for the large areas of the lower trunk and the legs. To help prevent the blood from flowing back away from the heart, the veins contain bi-cuspid or half-moon shaped non-return valves to hold the blood and allow it to pass one way only through the veins.

When the veins become engorged with blood these valves can become inefficient as the veins balloon out. This allows the blood to back-flow and pool in the veins, leading to veins which cannot hold their own elasticity and assist the flow of blood upwards, causing lumpy blow-outs at any point along the veins and in some cases, for extended lengths along the veins.

Possible Causes

Causes of varicose veins include carrying excess weight, lack of regular exercise, pregnancy and standing for extended periods on a daily basis. Varicose veins are more prevalent in those who consume a diet high in processed foods which are lacking in fibre. All these factors make it hard for the body to fight gravity all the time trying to push the blood up the legs towards the heart.

Highly Recommended

Complete a Juice Master detoxification programme of your choice to restore nutritional balance, allowing the body to begin to reduce the varicose veins. Thereafter aim for a diet at least 80% mostly raw plant based.

Avoid standing for long spells, if this is unavoidable make sure it is in dispersed with as much movement as possible. Finding an exercise you can do and enjoy, will make you more likely to continue. Aim for 20 mins each day to begin with and gradually increase.

Incorporate lymph-drainage style massage to help remove stale blood from the veins and drink an increased amount of water daily. In severe cases, surgery is usually the only really successful option but detoxification and healthy diet along with daily exercise can minimise the effects of the veins and prevent further deterioration.

Himalayan salt is reported as being beneficial in the prevention of varicose veins, unlike processed salt, Himalayan salt contains all the elements found in the body. Sea Salt is known to contain a balance of minerals and trace elements but there is research that it can be loaded with toxins such as mercury, so Himalayan salt is a better option.

Cut Back On

Refined white sugars, highly processed foods, dairy products, red meats and meat products, highly sweetened carbonated drinks, alcohol and smoking

Juicy Suggestions

Juice Master Recommends: ‘Sweet Beet Smoothie’ taken from 5 Day Juice Challenge

x1 apple, x2 carrots, x1 beetroot, x1 large handful blackberries. Juice the apple, carrot and beetroot and pour the juice into a blender along with the blackberries. Blend for a few seconds and serve over ice.

Incorporate fruits and vegetables containing bioflavonoids such as grapefruit, oranges, apricots, pears, cranberry, strawberry and beetroot.

Also high in bioflavonoids are onion, parsley and sage


Research has shown Huckleberry to have a positive effect in the treatment of Varicose Veins. (Heinermans Encyclopedia of Healing – John Heinerman)

Bioflavonoids, found in the skin of fruits and vegetables, help activate the healing properties of varicose veins as well as providing protection against free radical damage. (Intuitive Eating – Humbart “Smokey” Santillo N.D)

Research has shown that the herbs, horse chestnut, butchers broom, witch hazel and vine leaf have been found to be effective in the treatment of varicose veins.


A B C of Disease – Phillip Day


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