What Is It?

Sore throats are commonly caused by the bacteria which live in the ears, nose and throat. Streptococcus aureus is an endemic microbe, which means it lives inside the person (the host). Most of the time it is under control by the host’s immune system and by other friendly bacteria and yeasts. When the host’s immune system is over-burdened or under performing, this opportunistic bacteria can multiply and proliferate, leading to inflammation, soreness and localised infection of the mucosal tissues of the throat.

Most of the time, conventional medical treatment for ‘strep throat’ is a course of wide-spectrum antibiotics to kill the bacteria. This can also kill of all the friendly and helpful bacteria and this can lead to a proliferation of the yeast organisms and an outbreak of thrush (Candida albicans).

There is also a chance that the sore throat can be the sign of a viral infection and antibiotics are ineffectual against viral infections. In this case, the only thing to do is rest and take soothing remedies and wait for the body’s own immune system to overcome the viral invasion.

A sore throat in an adult is usually the symptom of a cold but the same should not be ignored in a child, as it may be a bacterial infection that could lead to more serious problems such as tonsillitis, strep throat, rheumatic fever etc.

Possible Causes

Tonsils are ‘a specialised lymphoid tissue’ their job is to assist in the removal of waste that occur during an infection. Dr Bernard Jensen believes that tonsillitis is a disease caused by the body’s overwhelming need to eliminate toxins.

Highly Recommended

During the fighting of any infection, the body is greatly assisted by not having to digest solid foods so a juice-only programme can be a great way of ensuring maximum nourishment with minimum stress and energy-demanding digestive effort.

Cut Back On

Avoid using orange or citrus juice whilst the throat is sore as this can aggravate or ‘burn’ the throat surfaces.

Juicy Suggestions

For sore throats and tonsillitis, use blueberry, blackberry, elderberry, lemon, passion fruit in a banana smoothie or apple juice base. Also helpful are orange, grapes, papaya, pear and pomegranate.

Juice Master recommends: ‘Sweet Beet Smoothie’ taken from 5lbs in 5 days

x1 apple, x2 carrots, x1 beetroot, x1 large handful blackberries. Juice the apple, carrots and beetroot and pour the juice into a blender along with the berries. Blend for a few seconds and pour into a beautiful glass.

Smoothies are going to be soothing and calming for the sore throat, and it might even be hard to swallow anything, even liquids for a time.

Highly alkalising juices and any berry-based juices will help to fight the microbial invasion and heal the inflamed mucosa. Using cucumber juice as a base will be soothing and anti-inflammatory as will garden mint, camomile, sage and thyme as freshly brewed teas to drink between juices. The active ingredient in thyme is a common ingredient in cough syrups, and is recommended by herbalists as an excellent gargle for sore throats and tonsillitis. Also helpful are some lesser known herbs such as black cohosh, fenugreek, hyssop, marshmallow and mullein.


According to a study carried out by the department of Otolaryngology, Istanbul university, and published in the 2011 journal of paediatric otorhinolaryngology, it was concluded that a vitamin D deficiency was more prevalent in children with recurrent tonsillitis.

Dr Elizabeth Koshy, from the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, led a study that showed the number of children admitted to hospital in England for acute throat infections increased by 76 per cent between 1999 and 2010


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