What is it?

A chronic autoimmune skin disease characterised by dry red patches covered with scales. I (Jason Vale) personally suffered with this disease for many years. So much so that at one stage there were very few areas of my skin which weren’t covered in patches. There is no instant ‘cure’ for this disease and there are many contributing factors. Like ‘Candia’ it can take from thirty days to a year to clear the skin using dietary measures and even then it is never guaranteed. There are many who say diet plays no part in this disease. They are 100% wrong, it does. However, what is ideal is the combination of natural sunlight therapy (preferably lying in the Dead Sea) combined with a change in diet. I have developed a Clear Skin programme, but if you see below and make some changes, you should see some improvement. Once again though, if you can GET YOURSELF TO THE DEAD SEA! Preferably for one month. If you lived in Denmark you could go for free. However, as our country doesn’t feel natural methods worthy of NHS funding, you will have to pay for it yourself. They seem quite willing to pay for ‘Cold Tar’ treatment and UVA, both of which are MORE expensive than sending someone to the Dead Sea and no where near as effective. But until I get into politics, we are stuck with the situation of paying once in tax for the NHS and then having to pay again privately. Try getting flaxseed oil on the NHS, you won’t get far I fear.

Possible causes

Unknown but thought to be linked to genetics, the immune system and environmental factors. A sudden shock of some description or a back condition usually triggers flare-ups. It is not thought that bad diet necessarily causes this disease but once you have it will certainly exacerbate it and prevent it from going.

Highly recommended

Avocado, Watermelon, Brazil nuts, EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) found in flax seeds, fish and avocado. Lecithin granules; ZINC (found in all berries and Brazil nuts); Red Clover and Burdock herb made into tea drunk twice a day. Sunshine, preferably down at the lowest place on earth – The Dead Sea, where you have UVC rays as well as UVA and UVB. Wheatgrass juice, 2 ozs a day. Vegetable juices, especially cucumber and celery. Drink plenty of water.

Try the Jason Vale Clear Skin Programme. This popular programme is now a completely free download. Click here for details.

Cut back on

The Nightshade family: Tobacco, Tomatoes, white potatoes, aubergine, peppers, paprika, red meat, dairy, sugar, alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is a major cause for flare-ups and you should cut down or remove from your world completely. REFINED SUGAR and REFINED FAT should be used very sparingly.