Natural Juice Therapy Q and A’s

Distant Learning

What are the benefits of doing the Juice Master course?
By completing the Juice Master’s Natural Juice Therapy course, you will have excellent juicing knowledge and a recognised qualification. The Natural Juice Therapy course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). You will also get the opportunity to have your own website linked to the Juice Master’s Natural Juice Therapy website and will automatically become a trade customer benefiting from selling the Juice Master products.

Why did Juice Master develop the course?
Juice Master is founded by Jason Vale, the UK’s leading juicing author and coach. Jason has sold over 3 million books worldwide and spends his time traveling the world promoting the virtues of juice. Jason developed the Natural Juice Therapy course to aid his mission to ‘Juice the World’. His passion is to educate people to learn about the enormous benefits of juicing and for them to make this part of their lifestyle and more importantly to spread this message. By completing the Natural Juice Therapy course you will learn the theory, facts and science behind juicing and you will be able to inspire those around you to live a healthier lifestyle.

What can a Natural Juice Therapist do?
As a qualified Natural Juice Therapist you can carry out ‘one-to-one’ consultations; work-shops; house parties; talks to societies/groups; do talks in schools, etc. This is an exciting new therapy and current therapists are continually coming up with different ways to use their skills to spread the juicy word.

Is the course accredited?
The Course is fully accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association), which is the leading association for alternative therapies.

Is the CMA qualification valid overseas?
Yes the CMA is a worldwide organisation so is recognised overseas.

Will I be able to run my own ‘Juice Master’ Juice Delivery Service or Detox Retreat etc?
Once qualified you are an Independent Natural Juice Therapist. However, what you will NOT be able to do is use the ‘Juice Master’ or Jason Vale name in anyway whatsoever to advertise or promote your business, this also includes ALL Juice Master branding and recipes. By completing this course you can in no way claim that you are affiliated with Juice Master or are an employee / representative of Juice Master. However, you CAN promote that you have completed the Natural Juice Therapy Course, which has been accredited by the CMA. The reason behind this is because Juice Master does not endorse or recommend or have any quality control or approval over any business, product or event you may organise.

If my partner and I study together will we given a reduction?
If two people study together using just one set of folders between them, they will get a small discount, however this can only be paid for via phone:

  • If paying for individual modules @ £333 (x 2 = £666) – Joint price £640
  • If paying for entire distance learning course @ £1199 (x 2 £2398) – Joint price £2294
  • If paying for course and academy @ £1450 (x2 £2900) – Joint price £2796

Can I become a Natural Juice Therapist by just doing the distance-learning course?
No, the qualification is earned by completing all four on-line modules and the academy.

How does the course work in practical terms?
Once you have signed up you will receive either just the first module or all four modules (depending on what you purchased). The module is sent to you in a folder (unless you live outside of the UK and then we will send it you electronically) with details of the relevant textbooks that are needed. You then work your way through the module and take on-line tests as you progress through the module with a final exam at the end of each module.

Are the textbooks included?
No, the textbooks are not included, as we wanted to reduce the cost of the course and postage, allowing you to borrow the books from the library, or buy them second hand.

Is the content of the on-line course and academy the same?
No, although  you have to complete the new virtual academy by the time you complete module four.

Do I do the academy first or the distance learning course first?
If you have signed up to the distance learning course you do not need to have completed all 4 modules to complete the virtual academy. You can choose the order in which you complete your learning.

Will I receive a certificate for completing the distance-learning course?
This depends if you have already attended the academy, if so then yes, however if you still need to attend the academy then you will not receive the certificate until this is completed.

Is the qualification valid forever?
In order to guarantee that quality and up to date information is being delivered from all qualified juice therapists it is important that you submit evidence of your CPD (continuous professional development) every 12 months.

Is there a time limit on completing the distance-learning course?
Yes, there is a 2-year limit on completing the course. After this time we will remove your log in from the online exam system.

Are there any discounts available to students or people on low incomes?
Unfortunately there are no discounts available for the course or the academy. We have our own foundation called ‘The Juicy Foundation’ and we direct all of our funding and charity work to our foundation.

How much is the distance-learning course?
The distance-learning course is comprised of four modules: Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; Nutrition and Juicing and each module costs £333.

Is there a discount if I pay in full?
Yes, if you pay for all four modules at once then you will pay £1199, rather than £1332 if you paid for each module individually (£333 per module). Making a saving of £133.

Is there more of a discount if I pay for the distant learning and academy at once?
Yes. The academy is currently £349, however if you pay for the distance learning course and academy at once, then you will pay £1450, potentially saving you £231

How do I book and pay for the distance-learning course?
Booking onto the course is simple; you can either do this via the online booking page or email and ask to be called to pay with a debit or credit card (no additional fees for credit card payments) over the phone.