The Course

Jason Vale, widely regarded as the world’s leading expert on juicing has developed a comprehensive course that will give you the opportunity to become an Independent Natural Juice Therapist.

  • Unique distance learning course available globally
  • 2-day practical and theory academy
  • Accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association)
  • Understand the power of juicing and nutrition for natural healing
  • Join our network of established juice therapists
  • Learn in your own home and in your own time
  • Online testing and examinations
  • Based around 4 key modules of learning: Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; Nutrition and Juicing.

We now have students in over 25 countries around the world!

Why become a Therapist?

The Natural Juice Therapy course enables you to learn more about health, nutrition and juicing and equips you to be able to impart this information to others. If you want to improve your knowledge and help others, then this course gives you the skills and knowledge to use Natural Juice Therapy in confidence in your home and local community.

Academic accreditation

The Natural Juice Therapy course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Association). Juice Master is an accredited college of the CMA, and for academic purposes we are known as ‘The School of Natural Juice Therapy’.

Juice Master accreditation

Providing you fulfil the following criteria you will be featured on the Juice Master’s Natural Juice Therapy website which can link to your own site and means you will benefit from this association:

  • Successful completion of the course and academy
  • Valid public liability and professional indemnity insurance
  • CMA membership*
  • Provide evidence every 12 months of your CPD (Continuous Professional Development) to the Natural Juice Therapy Manager
  • You must be practicing ‘Juice Therapy’ and not just juice related businesses**

* All UK therapists must send evidence of this to the School of Natural Juice Therapy annually in order to maintain that presence and associated recommendation. This is not applicable to students outside of the UK.

** If you are only running a juice related business and not a ‘juice therapy’ business, ie a juice delivery business or retreat then you can only use the INJT logo and reference to the INJT qualification on your ‘About Us’ page and not on the main home page. The reason for this is so that the general public are not mislead to believe in anyway that you are running a Juice Master approved business or product.

How do I become a therapist?

To become an Independent Natural Juice Therapist you need to complete the ‘Distance learning course’ and attend our interactive 2-day ‘Academy’

1) Distance Learning Course

The distant learning course encompasses a range of subjects including; Fundamentals in Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; Nutrition and Juicing for health. The course is comprised of an extensive course folder; core text books (source these yourself); recommended reading and online assessment. This is ideal if you are looking to improve your knowledge of health, how the human body works and the effects of juicing.

2) Academy

An intensive 2-day theory and practical academy run by the Juice Master team and a fully qualified Independent Natural Juice Therapist. The academy covers all aspects of juicing and Jason Vale’s philosophies on health and disease.

You can choose to do the distance learning course on its own or combine it with the academy to become a qualified ‘Independent Natural Juice Therapist’


The distance learning course, including course material and exams £1199 (available to buy as individual modules).

Juice Academy £349

Reviews from the Natural Juice Therapy Course

“I am really happy with it and have a renewed excitement for spreading the word. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition etc. but the course has really gelled it all together and given me a much deeper understanding and a strong feeling of confidence when I am talking about it now, even though I may loose a few friends if I keep going on about it.

Another thing that I really got from completing the course is a deep understanding and a strong sense of responsibility regarding my own health which I always thought I had but the course has brought it to another level. Deepest gratitude to you and Jason for giving me the opportunity to study with you. It has been the best money I have spent in a long time!” – Moira

“I found the course very interesting and learned a lot, because we got the information several times in different ways, I could tell it easy to the people at home. Especially why we have to juice and the whole story behind it. What I found nice was the homework with the vitamins and minerals. The best thing was to taste, and finding out yourself, during the course what juice does with you. Were starting the business” – Jannine (Netherlands)

“I loved studying the course as I could do it on my own time and it is a great “add on” when you already work in the nutrition and fitness field.” – Carina Hultin Dahlmann (Norway)

“The course required you to knuckle down and study, however the support from Carol and all the other students kept you motivated all the way through. It was really interesting and I would recommend it to anyone considering doing it.” – Heather Agnew

Once qualified you are an Independent Natural Juice Therapist. However, what you will NOT be able to do is use the ‘Juice Master’ or Jason Vale name in anyway whatsoever to advertise or promote your business, this also includes ALL Juice Master branding and recipes. By completing the course you can in no way claim that you are affiliated with Juice Master or are an employee / representative of Juice Master. You CAN promote that you have completed the Natural Juice Therapy Course, which has been accredited by the CMA. The reason behind this is because Juice Master does not endorse or recommend or have any quality control or approval over any business, product or event you may organise.