A-Z of Fruit and Veg

Nature has provided us with the finest fruits and vegetables, each designed to prevent and heal disease, whilst at the same time feeding every single cell in the body. Although these two original super foods come in a solid package, they are all over 80% organic nutrient rich liquid. Even a banana (which is technically a herb – or if you are reading this in the US Errrrb) is almost 90% water.

Although every fruit and vegetable comes in a solid protective layer, it is the juice contained within the fibres of each fruit and vegetable which ultimately feeds the body. Yes, we need fibre, but we get fibre in every food we eat. We also need to remember that in many juices (apple for example) there is plenty of soluble fibre. This acts like a gel once in the digestive tract and ‘sweeps’ out the rubbish. Each ‘smoothie’, due to the nature of what a smoothie is, always contains fibre as they contain ‘whole’ fruits which have been blended.

95% of all the nutrients contained within fruits and vegetables is contained within the juice

Natural has added an outer shell to protect the juice from oxidation. When juicing you are releasing a mountain of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, anti-oxidants, polyphenols, enzymes, and all the other wonderful healing and nurturing things contained within fruits and vegetables that ‘they’ haven’t found a name for yet.

Whilst many people in this field and the area of science like to believe they have incredible knowledge of fruit and vegetables, we have barely touched the surface. I believe we will never truly know what is in an apple for example. There is a natural ‘X Factor’ which is beyond science. We at Juice Master, strongly believe in a Holistic way of treatment for disease and believe that your food should feed as well as protect.

We have a list of common fruits and vegetables to the right of this page. We have added a little information about each one and listed the vitamins and minerals they contain. We have also given advice on whether you should juice them or turn them into a smoothie by blending them whole. Where possible, we have also added any relevant study that may have been done on that particular fruit or vegetable or their juices. However, please keep in mind that we also strongly believe that this information is limited, due to the amount we haven’t discovered yet about fruits and vegetables. If you take a look around the Internet and reference books you will find that there is such a massive difference of opinion about which vitamins and minerals are in each fruit and veg. Seriously, take a look, it will drive you mad. The conclusion we have come to at Juice Master is this – Although it is nice to have a list of what vitamins and minerals are contained in each fruit or vegetable, ultimately we don’t need to get too anal about it. After all, we are the only creatures on earth who analyse our food the way we do and we are without question the sickest.

We simply need LIVE foods and their juices most of the time. This doesn’t mean our bodies cannot deal with a little of anything (after all we do live in a dinner party world!), it just means if you want to heal and protect whilst feeding your body, fruits and vegetables and their wonderful juices are the only way to go. It is daily protection for your long term health and longevity.

We are developing the site all the time and not all the information is up at this stage, so if you click on a certain fruit or veg and the info isn’t there – it will be soon, please bear with us.